In addition to her educational and professional history, Margaret has also experienced her own unanticipated divorce when her children were only five and eight.

Fortunately, her entire family, including her former husband, with whom she maintains a cordial personal and business relationship, and their children, who are both adults, has successfully survived their dissolution.

This experience has provided her with an additional dimension of understanding and insight, which helps her clients and their families.

Margaret’s clients benefit from her professional and personal experience, and the countless professional relationships she has built over the years with other family law attorneys and colleagues, lawyers in a variety of other specialties, psychologists, psychiatrists, parenting evaluators, counselors and reunification therapists, Guardians ad Litem, business valuators and appraisers, forensic accountants, real property and personal property appraisers, certified financial planners, vocational experts, substance abuse and addiction counselors and evaluators and other forensic witnesses.

Margaret, her colleagues, and staff are able to effectively handle cases and estates of any size and complexity. Margaret has had the privilege of representing both men and women from all walks of life, from varied cultural, economic, racial, and religious backgrounds, in ages ranging from “in utero” to their 90’s.

Each client’s background and needs are considered and taken into account when Margaret and her client develop a unique case plan and strategy.