Please use the Client Information and the Financials Worksheets to prepare for all family law appointments.

To better access your case and to make the most out of your first appointment for your family law case please gather the following information.

  • Tax returns (personal and business/corporate) for the past three years, wage statements, W-2s, 1099s or Form KS. Please be prepared to submit these documents electronically.
  • Monthly expenses (including housing, utilities, food, children’s expenses, transportation, health care, personal expenses, and monthly credit card/revolving debt) I have a Word document that can be linked here called Financial for Monthly Expenses Property and debt.
  • List of Property and estimate its approximate market value and what, if anything, is owed against it. The list should include real estate, cars, IRAs, pensions, bank accounts (checking/Savings), stock accounts, etc.
  • List your personal liabilities, i.e., debt like credit cards, car loans, mortgages, etc.

Remember, your conference with Margaret Doyle Fitzpatrick, by law is privileged. Nothing you say to Margaret can be told to anyone else without your permission.

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